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Salvation Army enables family to recover, move toward happier future

Lisa Schroeder's husband was on his way home from a business trip. She knew it would not be a happy reunion, for he had been physically abusing her on a consistent basis. Before he arrived, Lisa and her children piled some clothes and a few toys into the car. When they drove away, it was 1:30 a.m. Lisa had $8 in her pocket. The first two domestic violence shelters Lisa called turned her away because it was so late at night. But Lisa persevered. When she called The Salvation Army's Catherine Booth House in the Northwest Division, the counselor who answered listened to her story and told her to come in. Catherine Booth House became home to Lisa and her children for a month. Catherine Booth House is a confidential emergency shelter that protects families from abusers. These families typically are provided up to a month's worth of meals, counseling and legal assistance. Lisa vividly remembers how the counselors supported her during her month-long stay at Catherine Booth House. They shared in the joy of her successes and let her know they believed in her. The next stop for Lisa and her family was The Salvation Army's Hickman House in Seattle. This facility houses families for up to a year, giving them more time to become self-sufficient. The counselors at Hickman House also were supportive and their patience gave Lisa the time she needed to get back on her feet. Today, Lisa is an accountant for All Around Travel. Thanks to The Salvation Army, she and her family have constructed happy, healthy lives for themselves.

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