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The Salvation Army is a branch of the Christian Church with social ministries spanning the globe. Founded in 1865 by William Booth in London, England, The Salvation Army challenged the complacency of Christian churches by forging a tradition of compassionate response to the poor and disenfranchised among us. Following the example of Christ, The Salvation Army believes that worship, witness and service are inseparable. While church membership is not a prerequisite for receiving services, all are encouraged and welcome to attend our churches and to take part in our many spiritual ministries.

To find a Salvation Army Church near you, simply refer to this list of church locations. You are warmly invited to visit us for services on Sunday. Or drop by any day of the week during hours of business to speak with the Pastors (called Corps Officers) for information about ways to get involved and learn more.



You are warmly invited to share with us your personal concerns so that we can lift them up to God in prayer. Your identity will be kept in confidence as your prayer request is shared during a weekly prayer session of Salvation Army Officers and lay-staff. We are glad to serve you through the powerful medium of prayer, and believe that God hears our every intercession on your behalf.

The Salvationist Church

Just how does a person join The Salvation Army? While backgrounds may vary considerably, Salvationists have one thing in common - they have met Jesus Christ in a personal relationship. Some find Him through an unforgettable, emotionally charged moment in their lives that results in radical change, and others, find Him in the stillness or in a less spectacular and dramatic moment of decision. To find a church location near you, or to learn more about all facets of church life, click on the community nearest you to call or email with questions, or consult our Links for additional information on Salvation Army church doctrine.

Spiritual Ministries: Click on any of these program names to retrieve a list of locations where these ministries are available:



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